Secrets To Making It Big On Social Media

June 12, 2023

Okay, this is it. You believe in what you’re selling. You finally settled on a scene-stealer logo and a clever tagline. There’s just one more step. Set up a stage where you can strut your stuff, as in set up a social media account for your business. X nee Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Threads. Businesses need to make a scene on these platforms to capture an audience. The right amount of poised flair and charm can change the course of your social media marketing game. 

How do you say, “Hey! We’re here!” and make a lasting impression? We’re spilling our secrets on how to be seen, reach your full potential and capture the audience of your dreams online.

20/20 Brand Vision

You got your logo and your business name. They compose the shell of your brand, if you will. The pearl hidden inside is what the audience wants to see. 

Riddle us this: who are you, and who do you serve? What do you do and why? 

The answer to these questions cultivates the essence of what a brand is. A brand should be clear on what it stands for and wants to achieve in the long run. Brands need to play the long game on social media marketing because

Brand = Reputation. 

Both take time to build and are easily destroyed with a single misstep. A clear brand vision is crucial for maintaining a consistent image.

Don’t Be Everywhere All At Once

Being on the internet is daunting. There are many different social media platforms where businesses can start marketing their products and posting ads. 

There’s no need to be in all of them. 

Choose a maximum of 3 platforms to start with. The social media starter pack used to be Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter). Now that video formats have seen an increase in engagement, strategies have been adjusted to include, sometimes even prioritize, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels. 

(If you’ve chosen LinkedIn, we salute you.) 

Come Up With A Game Plan 

It’s time to start posting! 

This is where a solid strategy comes in handy. Though it might not seem essential, a well-curated social media content strategy would benefit you in the long run if you’re hitting it out of the social media park from your very first pitch. 

A content strategy should be backed up by knowing your brand, audience, and chosen platforms. 

Your ultimate secret weapon is to have a strategy so well-informed and composed of high-quality and engaging content that the audience will have no choice but to follow your journey. Don’t hesitate to bring in a social media marketing agency to help you out.

Your killer content strategy is at your fingertips at Hey Socials, your new social media dream team. 

Now, you’re ready! Log in, craft your post, and say, “Hey!”