Productive Habits Social Media Managers Should Know

September 6, 2023

Don’t ask social media managers what they do successfully—ask them how.

Emoji wizards. Meme hunters. Miracle workers. Pathological people pleasers. Person-who-references-Taylor-Swift-on-TikTok-once-a-week.

The life of a social media manager is hectic.

If you’re a social media manager, you communicate the brand’s marketing plan in an inspiring and persuasive way through social media. Your skillset should include content creation, SEO knowledge, community building, and networking.

But beyond that, you need effective habits.

And to do all of what needs be as a social media manager, you need to know these three habits.

Set A Clear Path For Your Goals a.k.a. A System

Organisation is a crucial part of any social media management task. 

Instead of wishing you could clone yourself or you had eight arms and two heads, design a system instead. 

A system is the process you’ve created to achieve your goals. It doesn’t just focus on one singular goal – all businesses have multiple – but it aims to curate an effective way of reaching success and sustaining it. 

Goals make up the system, and by following the system, you make them happen. Brands define their goals in their strategies, and it’s up to you, as the social media manager, to meet them. 

Keep Your Swipe Files Full

Hey Socials recently talked about swipe files in a recent Instagram post

To recap, a swipe file is a collection of websites, ads, blog posts, articles, or posts from across all social media platforms. 

The copy ads you wished you should’ve written? Save that. 

The articles that changed the way you think? Bookmark it. 

A reel template? Add them to your collection.  

These resources are for inspiration purposes only. Whenever you get stuck in a creative block (*shivers*), scrolling through the content you saved in your swipe file could turn that switch back on.

Talk The Talk

Recent statistics show that 31.8% of social media users in Canada choose to search brands and products online for more information. 

Social media managers are in charge of keeping the peace of a business’s social channels and ensuring it stays an inviting space anybody can visit any time. 

Play nice, not just to show face but to genuinely build a community that trusts you and, ergo, trusts the brand. 

This won’t be the last time we’ll say this: Authenticity is a big “trend” on social media. 

Keep it real.

And that we just did.

All the badass social media managers have range. Your habits and your skills, hand in hand, get the job done in the most effective way possible.